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Important Notices and Disclaimers

  • Do not cancel any health insurance coverage you currently have and do not decline COBRA benefits until you receive an approval letter and insurance policy for the insurance company you choose as your health insurance provider. Make sure you understand and agree with the terms of the insurance policy including the effective date, premium amount and any exclusions or limitations (including provider network).
  • The quotes shown on this website are estimates only. Your premium is subject to change based on relevant factors such as changes in rates that take effect before your coverage start date. The insurance company and HealthCare Marketplace always determines your actual premium. Insurance companies reserve the right to change the terms of a policy upon proper notification to you as the policy holder.
  • Rates are highly dependent on age and could change based on the effective date of the policy due to members having birthdays before the policy effective date.
  • Your coverage effective date is dependent upon approval of your application which may be different than your requested effective date. You must pay your premium before the last day of the month you have enrolled in coverage or within 7 days of enrollment, whichever is longer.
  • Carriers cannot guarantee the availability of a provider(s), and may add, delete or change a participating provider(s) at any time without prior notice to you. Please contact your chosen carrier for updated information before using the services of any provider.
  • The copayment, deductible, and coinsurance amounts are your share of the costs for covered benefits. These amounts are subject to change upon proper notification.